Is Mint Mobile Detail hiring?

We are rapidly growing, and because of that we are always looking for clean-cut friendly new faces to hire!

I want to work somewhere innovative, different, and with room to advance...

We offer many different positions and move up our team members as quickly as possible. Whether you're a Trainee or Area Manager we put our Leadership Development to work helping you advance and reach your goals.


But I don't have experience....

Experience isn't everything! Car detailing is a skill that can be taught and learned, but personality and people skills are a must. 

I am looking for more of a career...

We focus on long-term hires with the goal of having you advance and enjoy a career with us.

I don't do manual labor...

This may not be the job for you!

What are the requirements to work for Mint?

  • Flexible schedule

  • Awesome people skills

  • Self-motivated

  • Located within 100 miles from the location you are applying to work at

  • A valid Driver's License

  • No prior criminal history

  • The ability to pass any periodic drug tests

This is perfect! How do I apply?

Simple. Fill out the contact form below requesting an application! We will contact you for an interview or to invite you to one of our many Hiring Events we have throughout the year.

Thank you! We'll be in touch!