At Mint we believe that loyalty and frequency should be rewarded! That's why we have created Mint Membership Plans. Perks include:
  • Our office contacting you at the beginning of each month for scheduling via whatever form of communication is easiest for you.
  • Priority scheduling and pre-booking options!
    • For example: First Friday of each month, the 15th of each month, etc.​
    • Get first dibs on Saturday appointments.
    • Discounts applicable at any of our locations throughout Oklahoma.
No contracts required! We will allow you to immediately set up your plan upon your second use of our services and if for some reason you don't schedule when you have selected to, no fees are applied. You will just go back to our normal pricing next time you schedule with us. This permanent discount is applied to any and all services including gift cards.
To set up your Membership just talk to one of our friendly office staff or our Team Members when they're detailing your vehicle.